We Support The Shield

Hear why supporters groups from around the league have come together in this endeavor in their own words.


Kansas City Cauldron – 
“The Shield represents many things to many people. We have a long tie to this award in Kansas City and we want to see its story be told.  The growth of supporters and its culture is a cause that we will continue to be dedicated to.  We wish to see that connection between supporters and our teams continue to grow and strengthen.   The efforts of the ISC and members is commendable and helps to further the growth of supporters culture in the country.  That’s a win for all involved. ” – Sean Dane

Emerald City Supporters-
“The Supporters Shield is important as its crowns the champion over the course of the regular season. It represents the efforts of the team through a very long and arduous season on a path that is traveled in unison with the supporters – every match day home, and away. To win the Supporters Shield the team and supporters all need to have the same, unwavering commitment to the club and its crest.”  Greg Mockos

Timbers Army/107ist –
“While the Timbers Army is a relative newcomer to MLS we saw the benefit and intrinsic value in supporting an effort that was created and carried through the years by the supporters that came before us. It was both a privilege and an honor for the Timbers Army 107 Independent Supporters Trust to collaborate and contribute in this worthy effort to launch a shield that can represent all supporters as we enter a new era.” – Scott V Swearingen

Texian Army-
“With the relaunch of the Supporters Shield, we have a tremendous opportunity to educate MLS fans on the league’s history and the history of the award.  Perhaps most exciting of all, through sales of the I SUPPORT THE SHIELD scarf, all fans, independent and supporter group-affiliated alike have an opportunity to invest in a portion of the shield and take a personal stake in its ownership.  It is truly a collective, independent effort open to all MLS fans.” – Chris Smink

Gorilla FC-
“When I first heard the term Supporters’ Shield as an MLS fan, I had to wonder what that meant. Supporters Shield….Do I as as a Supporter have anything connected to it? After networking with other supporters around the league and hearing of the initiative to create a new trophy to replace the old one, Gorilla FC was proud to work together with others to make a Supporters Shield that was truly funded, designed and delivered by Supporters. Seattle Supporters were so happy to see this launched and to work together with other MLS groups to accomplish something so special as this.” -Kevin Zelko

Vancouver Southsiders –
Over 100 years ago and half the word away, William McGregor the Founder of the Football Association in England said “No principle ever formulated in connection with sport has caused so much really genuine, bona-fide competition as the league system.” The Supporters Shield embodies that same spirit here among MLS supporters.  The Shield is an important symbol that every match counts, from first kick to the season closing.  It is fitting that the very fans that cheer on their clubs week in and week out, are the benefactors of such a fine trophy.  – Brett Graham

Midnight Riders –
“It’s gorgeous. The new shield is definitely something that properly reflects the growth and maturity of the league and its supporters!” – Fran Harrington

Section 8 Chicago –
“It’s definitely special when fans of the sport can come together in a collaborative sense to express our shared passion for the game. Whenever people put aside fundamental differences to contribute to the greater good, you know that the result is meaningful and worthy of note.” – Dan Martin

Casbah, San Jose –
“The collaboration on the new Supporters’ Shield shows how far the supporters culture has grown and matured through the years. How so many supporter groups from around the league came together to create a new trophy that will exist for years to come! This trophy is one of the most unique trophies handed out in all of American sports since it’s delivered by the Supporters to the winning team!”

Screaming Eagles –
We are thrilled to be able to support the collaborative efforts of fans from across the league! From the first days of the league we have heartily been behind the idea of a fan-based Supporters’ Shield and are honored to be a part of the latest trophy taking its rightful place in the spotlight.” – David Goodwin

Empire Supporters Club –
It’s exciting to be involved with something that has the history and meaning that the Supporters’ Shield does.  An award by the supporters to recognize a team that has played well all season is so special.  The ISC has done a great service to all fans in taking the initiative in relaunching the Shield.” -Amanda Reichert

Centennial 38 –
“The effort, time, and dedication put forth for the re-creation of the Supporters’ Shield has been amazing.  With MLS supporters from all across North America coming together for this beautiful trophy, it really elevates the desire and motivation in each MLS market to continue the strengthening and growth of supporters culture in MLS.” – Jordan Ochoa

Viking Army SC-
The Supporters’ Shield belongs to the people, and deserves to be venerated as such.  Over the course of each year, MLS supporters make sacrifices to follow their teams through thick and thin, and we are honored to help return to prominence a trophy that represents this commitment.  We’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with other supporters groups across the league to make it possible for all fans to own a piece of the shield, figuratively and literally.” – Jason Corliss

Red Patch Boys
” While Toronto hasn’t been around the league as long as other teams,  we have realized the importance of the Supporters Shield and what it means to the various teams. Toronto has been a part of this process since day one and we are proud of the final result. This shield is worthy of what it means to the players, the teams and most importantly the supporters.  By supporters, For supporters.”- Boris Aguilar